Dependent Visa for CANADA

The government of Canada is committed to keeping families together. The dependent visa for Canada through the family class scheme enables Canadian citizens & permanents residents of 18 years & older to sponsor their dependent children, parents, grandparents, spouse, common-law & conjugal partners.

In order to sponsor a person through dependent visa for Canada a sponsor needs to provide documents showing his/her finance from the past 12 months to immigration, refugees & citizenship Canada (IRCC) so they can can determine if the sponsor is able to financially support the members he/she is sponsoring.

“A dependent visa is a type of visa that permits the spouses & kids to travel to an overseas nation for the purpose of accompanying/joining the family member with a corresponding visa”.

The dependent visa is a powerful tool created by countries to help family live together. It allows professionals, students, permanent residents, & others to bring their family that is in a different country to their new home country.

There are two types of dependent visa:

  • Temporary visas for holders of the following visas.
    • Fiancé, work, students, intra company transfer
  • Permanents visas for spouses or children below the age of 18-21 years old.
    • Immigration dependent

Spouse/permanents on temporary dependent visas are allowed limited work rights based on their visa validity in most countries, except the US.

Dependents granted permanent residence visas have the right to live, study & work for as long as they remain permanent residents.