These days Canada is one of the most preferred destinations in the world for immigration settling. UNO has rated Canada as number one place across the global for PR on basis of several compelling factors like equality of living, environment, security, career opportunities, crime, etc.

If you among the immigration aspirants, this page is right destination especially designed, so that you can get extensive information and detail about the Canadian immigration process & popular visa categories.

CANADA Language & Culture

English and French these two official languages are enjoyed by widespread popularity across many countries as well as in Canada too. The presence of different nations having varied religion & ethnic background further gives multicultural environmental & thus make it as best place in the world to live or study.

Canada has to offer:

  • Visit visa
  • Pr visa
  • Investor visa
  • Study visa
  • Business visa, etc.

Immigration Program in CANADA

The citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) one of the major reasons for huge immigrant in flux in Canada is because of launching of many immigrants in co-ordination with skilled human resource requirement of different industries and cities in Canada, i.e. express entry, QSWP and various PNPs. These programs have different requirements and criteria. Below is the list of this immigration favoring programs.


Skilled immigrants (express entry) program Quebec-selected skilled workers, Canadian experience class program, startup visa program, immigrant investor venture capital point program, self-employed persons program, family sponsorship program, provincial nominees program, categories program, refugees program.

Documents Required for CANADA PR

For immigration requirements documentation may vary as per different immigration programs or visa categories availability. However, still here are certain basic documentation requirements which are common for most of the Canadian immigration programs. Below is the requirement for immigration like express entry, PNP in immigration programs.

LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: one has to provide a proof of language proficiency in any of the official languages, i.e. English and French through a certified or registered agency like IELTS/CEL PIP, for English.

EDUCATION: Provide your ECA (educational credential assessment) report along with the application for immigration. The ECA is the common way of getting your academic assessments.

HEALTH AND CHARACTER REQUIREMENTS: Other eligible criteria for Canada immigration is your health and character certificate is not old then 6 months prepare & provide these essential certifications English and French through a certified or registered agency like IELTS/CEL PIP, for English.

The other factor affecting your application for immigration are, i.i. age, work, experience, adaptability, and points also vary according to the immigration program or the visa type immigrant are filling.

Processing Time for CANADA PR

The immigration application process timing depends on many factors like the type of visa an immigrant has applied, correctly filled & submitting form with the required documentation for approval. It may vary based on below factors:-

  • Visa application
  • Documents
  • LMIA approval

Point Base Immigration System

The Canada immigration has introduced points based system. The points are allocated to different factors associated to your profile. Points are different for different program. On scoring certain required points your path is clear for legal settlement in Canada.

Canada immigration policy allows only two types of immigration:

  • The temporary immigration
  • The permanent residency