Visitor Visa for AUSTRALIA


This document lists the information & supporting documents required to lodge a complete application, if that you may need to provide depending on your individual circumstances.

About This Visa

Do not provide original documents unless requested. You should provide VFS witnessed or notarized copies of original documentation. Documents not in English must be accompanied by accredited English translation.

You should ensure that you lodge a complete visa application while the department may ask you to provide more information in order to determine whether you meet the criteria for grant of the visa, a decision on the visa application may be made solely on the information provided at the time of application.

NOTE: the visa application charge will not be refunded if a decision is made of refuse to grant the visa the applicant didn’t satisfy the criteria for grant of the visa.

After completing this checklist please attach it to the front of your application.

  • Forms, fees, & charges
  • Form 1419, application for a visitor visa- tourist visitor stream.
  • Visa application charge

If you authorize another person to receive all communications about your application with the depart, provide form 956.

Personnel Documents

  • Notarized copy of all pages of current passport, including the bio data page, alterations page & back page of the passport
  • Two recent passport size photographs (45*35 mm) of each other person included in the application
  • Print the name of the persons on the back of each photograph.

Purpose of Visit

If you are visiting family & friends provide an invitation from your invitee in Australia, evidence of your relationship with the invitee & evidence of your invites passport.

  • If you are going daughter/daughter in law ‘s pregnancy then a letter from a medical doctor confirming the condition.
  • If you are going for a medical emergency then a letter from the hospital/ doctor stating the arrangements that have been made
  • Itinerary giving travel details, accommodation & activities within Australia.

Financial Documents

  • Copies of bank statements over a period of time showing a consistent saving history
  • Copies of documents which show any other funds or assets held. taxation documents for the last three years
  • If a friend/ relative in Australia is paying for your visit then a statutory declaration stating the relative or friend’s support & evidence of their financial capacity to do so
  • Your own financial status a factor we consider in assessing whether your personal circumstance would encourage you to return to your home country.

Employment Detail

  • Letter from your employer –stating your position & salary, length of employment, on firming your leave of absence & name & contact details of the person providing the letter
  • If you are self-employ – business registration
  • If you are retired – evidence of your retirement
  • If you are a student – evidence of your enrollment

Health & Character Documents

  • All applicants must meet chartered requirements
  • You may be asked to undergo medical & x-ray examinations
  • Applicants over 75 years of age & any applicant requesting a stay 12 months must provide evidence of overseas health insurance

Aus AID Student or Recipient

A letter of support from the AusAID minister.

Children Younger then 18 Years of Age

Children under 18 must provide a notarized “no objection certificate” any non- accompanying parent authorizing their travel to Australia along with copies of parents passports.

  • Form 1229 – consent to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years
  • Form 1257 – undertaking declaration can be used for this.